EWYIFF Submission Rules and Eligibility

Elijah Wells Youth Indie Film Festival’s mission is to promote and encourage the next generation of young filmmakers to inspire, lead, and entertain the world with their stories.


Registration is open to all Youth Ages 12-25.


Submission categories Short Web, Short Film, Short Narrative, or Short Documentary, each no longer than 20 minutes.


Each applicant may submit any number of works, but a separate entry form must be submitted for EACH work. The applicant must have prime artistic responsibility for the video submitted. Roles considered to have prime artistic responsibility are director, producer, writer, or editor.

NOTE: Profanity, sexual content and derogatory language towards any group or specific individual is prohibited.

The deadline for receiving entries is May 15, 2017 at 11:59pm

By submitting your entry, the applicant (a) certifies that the exhibition of the submitted entry will in no way violate any copyright laws or any other rights of any person, film, or corporation and (b) accepts all responsibility relating to – and indemnifies and holds harmless Elijah Wells Films , and all other sponsors and their representatives from – any and all disputes and liabilities arising from any such claims by a third party.

In addition to agreeing that the material is clear of all copyright concerns, you are granting EWYIFF the rights to show your video or images from your video, in part or in their entirety, during the EWYIFF and for use in promotional materials related to the contest in print, electronic, or digital form at any time, before, during and after the contest.

In addition, unless you specifically direct Elijah Wells Films not to do so, by entering your work in the contest you are granting permission for your video to be included as part of a compilation video showcasing contest entries.. If you do not wish your entry to be included in the compilation video, you must provide a written affidavit with your video entry upon submission.

Applicants who do not follow these rules and regulations will have their entry returned and be disqualified from the competition.

The laws, rules, regulations, award amounts, amount of awardees, eligibility criteria, funding per program, etc. are subject to change at any point prior to, during or after application through the EWYIFF Short Film Competition.