The Black Archive’s held their 1st Annual Folklife Film Festival featuring the Elijah Wells Youth Indie Film Festival on May 19, 2016 at the Black Archives Historic Lyric Theatre. The Festival which celebrated and inspired the youth to develop their technical and creative skills could only be described as a massive success! Every seat in the theater was filled.


Elijah Wells reached out to his fellow friends in the industry to bring the youth and adult attendees an unforgettable experience. The red carpet was filled with special celebrity guests, starting from Pastor Marty Glen Davis, Dwayne Wade Sr., to Dr. Jamie Brown the publisher of Sister 2 Sister Magazine.The event began with a tour of the Archives gallery, which was followed by masterclasses taught by Allen J. West and Wills Felin; where they gave insight on business and money management in the film industry. As the invited youth groups left with their EWYIFF goody bags and glow stick giveaways sponsored by House of Wings, the adults came in for the screening of the short films.

High school students from all over the district were asked to submit films of their own for an opportunity to win a $500 scholarship  provided by Elijah Wells FIlms. Four lucky students were asked to participate in the screening, and they entertained the audience with their films. Out of the four came winners Dominique Seward and Saliha Crespo.

Between Dominique’s intriguing informational documentary on Huntington’s Disease and Saliha’s on aids, the students and audience were  completely enticed with their work.


Elijah Wells then stole the show with his premier screening of “Colored Town”; followed by a panel discussion with special guests Allen J. West, Wills Felin, Dwayne Wade Sr., Njie Sabik,  which was moderated by the one and only radio personality, Jill Tracey.  Questions were then turned over to any audience members who were eager to engage with the panelists.


The night ended with live music and light chatter in the lobby. As the last people strolled out the building, the theatre lights went down and the 1st Annual Folklife film festival officially came to an end.


We would like to give a big thank you to our sponsors

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House of Wings

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